A Halloween tea party


Since we had kids, Halloween has become a big deal in our house. It’s just a great opportunity to create exciting childhood memories. This year we arranged a small Halloween tea party for a few close friends and family. Now, I’m too grumpy to join the rest of the brood in dressing up for the occasion but I like to think I made up for it by preparing some scarily delicious food.

On the menu was:

Sausage roll mummies (above)

The idea for this was taken from an article by Lorraine Pascal in a popular online ‘newspaper’ which I can’t bring myself to name (but was happy enough to take a recipe from).

Scary face pizzas

Cheesy dough bones

Cheesy dough bones

Cheesy dough bones

The inspiration for these came from Kelly Senyei on Pinterest, although mine didn’t look quite as bone-like as Kelly’s! They were tasty though.

Chocolate banana mummies

This idea actually came from the Halloween themed Tesco magazine and I was really pleased with them. File this one under minimum effort, maximum value. The bananas were halved and put in the freezer for 30 minutes or so before being coated in melted chocolate. I added half a mini marshmallow for each eye (and a chocolate icing eyeball) before melting more marshmallows in the microwave for a few seconds, until stringy, then wrapping around each mummy. Great fun to make!

Scary face jellies

I made these jellies up the night before and left to set in the fridge before Samana unleashed her artistic talent with the aid of a marker pen and various chocolate sprinkles.

Chocolate apples

Chocolate apples

Chocolate apples

I had some leftover melted chocolate from the banana mummies so thought I might as well slather it over some apples. Why not? Finished off with Halloween sprinkles and a lollipop stick.

Spiced pumpkin cake

Spiced pumpkin cake

Spiced pumpkin cake

This was really, really good. I love a cake, but this was great. Taken again from the Tesco magazine, but with a few adjustments, it was well worth the effort. More one for the parents than the kids though.

Cava with an eyeball ice cube

Cava with an eyeball icecube

Someone lost an eyeball

This was definitely one for the parents!

Pumpkin hunt

Finally, not strictly on the menu, but we used these satsuma ‘pumpkins’ for a pumpkin hunt in the garden which kept the kids entertained for a good five minutes.

Satsumas made to look like pumpkins

Satsuma ‘pumpkins’



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