Ham and pea fritters

Ham and pea fritters

Ham and pea fritters

Our son, Asher is approaching nine months now and, although he loves his food, he’s developed an aversion to being spoon fed. What makes matters worse is that he’s not quite got the skills to use a spoon himself. This makes mealtimes somewhat problematic so we’re always looking for ideas for finger foods – things we can tear up into pieces and let him pick up and feed himself with. There’s only so much toast and so many rice cakes we can give him.

I came across this recipe for pea and ham fritters in The Hairy Dieters Fast Food cookbook and it appealed because whilst I knew he’d love it, it’s not a kids recipe as such, so the four of us could all eat it together. Apart from it being nice to sit down and eat together as a family, it makes my life easier if I’m only preparing one meal. It’s also really quick to prepare and cook, so great for a midweek tea time when time is of the essence.

The ham and pea fritters cooking in a pan

Firstly, put 300g of frozen peas (I prefer to use petit pois) in a sieve or colander and pour over some hot or boiling water, just to defrost them. Then boil in a pan for five minutes or so, until cooked. Once cooked, mash or puree to your liking. Meanwhile put 60g of plain flour (I might try using wholemeal next time to make it slightly healthier) with a teaspoon of baking powder in a large bowl, make a well and crack in two eggs. Beat the eggs slightly with a fork and gradually work in the flour. Then add two tablespoons of milk and whisk to make a smooth batter before mixing in the mashed peas and 200g of diced ham. Then simply drop roughly tablespoon size dollops of batter into a frying pan (as suggested in the book, I sprayed the pan with low-fat cooking spray first but you can use any kind of oil really) and cook for around two minutes on each size until their nice and browned and cooked through.

I served these with a dollop of yoghurt for the kids (adding tomatoes for Maya and some rice cakes for Asher) and with spinach leaves, tomatoes and yoghurt with a teaspoon of wholegrain mustard stirred through it for us. The kids both devoured them and demanded more and we really enjoyed them too. All in all, a really nice, quick, easy and healthy family tea.



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