Maya’s 3rd Birthday Party

It was Maya’s 3rd birthday recently and her first real birthday party, with all her friends. We hired a double-decker party bus which contained a ball pool and bouncy castle upstairs and seating downstairs for all the kids to eat. It was a huge hit, both with the kids, and with us because there was no mess for us to clear up afterwards, the bus just drove off and that was that.

We opted to do the food for the party ourselves and, although most of it was standard children’s party fare and nothing really to write home about (or indeed blog about), there were a couple of things that were more noteworthy.

Firstly, the cake. When asked what sort of birthday cake she wanted, Maya said “pink and sparkly”. So that was what she got. Samana had bought a number three mould and made a fairly simple, but delicious vanilla sponge with it. Then she slathered it in pink butter cream, arranged white chocolate buttons around the edges and covered the top in pink sprinkles. Pink and sparkly it certainly was. It looked and tasted great too.

Secondly, something for the party bags. Samana had seen a blog (Hoosier Homemade) about making lollipops out of Jolly Ranchers (american boiled sweets, for those unfamiliar). So we thought that would be cool to do.

It was really simple too. Just a case of putting two, different coloured sweets together on a lined baking tray and in the oven for a few minutes until they had melted and spread out. Then, working quite quickly before they hardened again, we pressed the lollipop sticks on. The colours looked great and because they all melted and spread slightly differently, each one was unique in shape.


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