Overnight oats

Ingredients for overnight oats

Ingredients: oats; plain yoghurt; almond milk; banana; blueberries; agave nectar; flax, sunflower, pumpkin and chia seeds.

As will be the case with anyone with small children, mornings are a chaotic time in our house. Getting two kids up, dressed, their teeth brushed and breakfast eaten is no small feat and it’s easy to forget, or just not have time, to get breakfast yourself.

That’s where overnight oats are great. Anything that you can prepare the night before, when the kids are in bed, makes a parent’s life easier. And overnight oats not only give you that, but they’re also healthy and filling into the bargain.

The core elements of overnight oats are oats (obviously), fruit (my standard is banana and blueberries as they go so well in this but you can use whatever you like or have in – grated apple and strawberries are also good), yoghurt and milk (I use almond milk). I also like to add mixed milled seeds mainly for the nutritional benefits (they’re a good source of protein and healthy fats) but they also give the overnight oats a smooth creamy texture.

So, I start with some oats, add some sliced banana and blueberries, throw in the milled seeds, a couple of dollops of yoghurt and enough almond milk to give it the consistency I’m looking for. I usually then add a little squeeze of agave nectar which is a natural sweetener made from the agave plant (also handy for margaritas!) Agave nectar is sweeter than sugar so you can get the same level of sweetness by using much less.

Finished overnight oats

Finally, I give it a good mix and put in the fridge till the morning. The oats absorb the liquid overnight (so make sure it’s thinner than you’d want when you put it in the fridge) so you wake up to a beautifully smooth and creamy, cool, fruity porridge that will keep see you through till lunchtime without the urge to snack.


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