Smoked trout salad

Smoked trout salad

Smoked trout salad

For a quick and healthy midweek tea, this, from The Hairy Dieters Fast Food book, takes some beating. The combination of the smoked fish, the sweetness of the beetroot and the aniseed-like taste of the celeriac is a real winner. The fact that it’s also really healthy is a bonus.

Julienned celeriac

Julienned celeriac

I start by going to town on some celeriac with my julienne peeler, then I put it in a large roasting tray (sprayed with low-cal cooking spray), season with salt and pepper, give it another spray and put in the oven for 20 minutes or so on 200°, giving the pan a shake every five minutes to keep it from burning.

I didn’t need all of the celeriac tonight so, as I hate throwing food away, I chopped and boiled it with a roughly equal amount of potato before mashing with some milk, butter and grated cheese. Something for Asher to eat the following day with some fish cakes maybe.

Then it’s just a case of boiling some green beans and assembling the salad. For the base of the salad I use a mix of spinach, rocket and watercress then I add beetroot cut into wedges (you can buy fresh beetroot and roast it but I tend to go with the ready-cooked vacuum-packed variety for ease), the green beans, some torn up smoked trout, the celeriac fries and some dill.

Smoked trout salad with mustard yoghurt dressing

The finished product

The dressing consists of some low-fat natural yoghurt, a little cider vinegar, a couple of tsp of dijon mustard and a tiny bit of runny honey. All whisked together and drizzled over the salad.





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