Neapolitan Pizza at Proove in Sheffield

Samana's 'Neptuna', cheeseless pizza

Samana’s ‘Neptuna’, cheeseless pizza

As it’s home to a number of family and friends, we make the short trip down the M1 to Sheffield fairly regularly. In between Christmas and New Year we headed down for a 40th birthday party but also took the opportunity to meet family for some pizza at Proove in Broomhill.

I am a huge fan of pizza but it’s far too frequently done poorly, in this country anyway. So when we came across Proove whilst looking for child-friendly places to eat in Sheffield it immediately appealed. As we speak Proove is ranked 12th best restaurant in Sheffield and the reviews talk of great pizza in a child-friendly atmosphere. That was good enough for me, so we booked a table.

The four of us went with by brother-in-law (Alistair), niece (Ella) and nephew (James). For £6.50 Proove does a kids menu which consists of dough balls to start, a pizza, a desert and all the cordial they can drink. It’s pretty good value but more importantly, it’s good when restaurants serve proper food to kids – just their normal food in child-size portions essentially. Too many places go down the standard route of fish fingers, chicken goujons and chips etc.

Dough balls and bruschetta

Dough balls and bruschetta

So the kids all started with dough balls and they went down a treat. We ordered a starter of tomato bruschetta to share and it was delicious.

Then the kids’ pizzas arrived and I knew we were on to a winner. They were great, authentic looking pizzas with thin bases but puffed up crusts and those tasty little black spots. Maya had a margarita (which she shared with Asher) while James had pepperoni and Ella had funghi. If I was going to be really picky, the one thing I’d say is that the pepperoni they used was quite spicy (a little too spicy for James) so maybe they could use a milder sausage on the kids pizza.

Alistair demolished his spicy diavola pizza in no time and my calzone was fantastic. What made it for me was the fennel salami – it added a really fresh twist which was delicious. I do like a sauce on the side with a calzone too and the simple tomato one that accompanied this was perfect.

Proove isn’t your standard pizza place though. Far from it. And Samana’s choice of pizza illustrates that perfectly. She ordered a Neptuna (see the picture at the top of this post) which had tomatoes, anchovies, capers and olives, but no cheese. Not a combination I’d had before but it tasted spectacular. I think the lack of cheese allowed the other flavours to really come through. Really unusual, but lovely.

The drinks were good too. Alistair and I each had an Italian Menabrea Amber beer which was cool, light and refreshing and an ideal accompaniment to pizza. Samana spotted that they had Brockmans gin so ordered a G&T which impressed her with its surprisingly smooth fruitiness.

My brownie and gelato

My brownie and gelato

On to desert then. Jimmy and Maya both ordered gelato while Ella opted for a chocolate brownie. I wasn’t quite done yet either so ordered myself a brownie which came with a scoop of gelato (a welcome reminder of our recent trip to Italy). The brownies were made by Forge Bakehouse – which we’d heard great things about – and they were rich, warm and gooey – just how a brownie should be.

All in all, Proove was a big hit and we’ll definitely be going back on a future visit to Sheffield.


3 thoughts on “Neapolitan Pizza at Proove in Sheffield

  1. I’ve had a Proove pizza at one of their outdoor events at it was very good. But try Porter Pizza too when you get the chance, they get my vote for No.1 pizza in Sheffield. That being said, Proove do have the advantage over the Porter (and the very good Nether Edge Pizzas) in that they have a restaurant base so evenings like yours can work so well.


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