Slattery’s Patissier and Chocolatier

confectionery in Slattery's

Anyone who knows me will know that I have a pretty major sweet tooth. In fact, I’ve pretty much got a mouth full of sweet teeth. Cake, biscuits, sweets, chocolate – I love them all. And I’ve got zero will power so I eat far too much of them. So when I was introduced, recently, to Slattery’s in Manchester I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

Slattery’s is a patissier and chocolatier. And it’s very very good. We took the trip over the M62 in December as a treat for my birthday.

Now, it’s a restaurant too so, although you can just go for chocolate and cake, it feels rude not to have some savoury food first. So we went for brunch. I had smoked salmon with scrambled eggs and Samana went for Eggs benedict. And lovely they were too. But on to the main event.

Slattery's chocolate orange version of a Christmas pudding

Slattery’s chocolate orange version of a Christmas pudding

I ordered one of their specials at the time and, overtaken by food frenzy as I was, I have completely forgotten what it was called. It was absolutely divine though. A thick chocolate casing which, when cracked, revealed a beautifully rich, gooey chocolate ice cream and a pocket of orangey goodness. All on top of a layer of chocolate sponge and accompanied by a rich chocolate sauce.

My pudding opened up

Samana chose Slattery’s take on a classic Black Forest Gateaux which was much lighter and delicious though it was, not as spectacular as my choice.

Slattery's Black Forest Gateaux

Samana’s Black Forest Gateaux

We ordered Maya a banana split. Partly because we knew she’d like it, and partly because I knew I’d like it, and it would be too much for her. This is how my mind works in places such as this. She loved it, and so did I.

Slattery's Banana Split

Maya’s Banana Split

After all that gluttony, you’re duty bound to have a mooch around the shop downstairs too. And it’s all very tempting – you could spend a fortune here. In fact, I’d recommend looking round after eating, when you’re full, rather than before, when you’re hungry and more vulnerable to the temptation.

There’s the patisserie…

A selection of the patisserie at Slattery's

A selection of the patisserie at Slattery’s

Spectacular tarts

Spectacular tarts

Then there are the chocolates…

Some of the chocolates on offer

Some of the chocolates on offer

More chocolates

More chocolates

And not forgetting the wedding cakes…

Wedding cakes

Wedding cakes

And finally, the gifts…

Some of the chocolatey gifts on offer

Some of the chocolatey gifts on offer

And so, my sweet tooth well and truly satisfied, we made the trip back to Leeds, the car weighing a good deal more than when we arrived.




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