A warming gin cocktail

A gin cocktail alongside the ingredients

We had this cocktail made from Bombay Sapphire gin on a cold post-Christmas night and it somehow managed to be both warming and refreshing at the same time. This great recipe came from mybestcocktails.com but I take issue with their describing it as ‘a girly drink’.

The warmth comes from ginger syrup, and that’s what you need to make first. Simply peel a decent size chunk of fresh ginger and cut into chunks, then put in a pan with 300ml boiling water. Add 600g of caster sugar to the pan and stir until it’s dissolved. Then just remove from the heat and let it cool. You can use this straight away but I found it benefited from a night in the fridge – it really allowed the the syrup to take on the ginger flavour.

In a cocktail shaker add 50ml gin, 30ml freshly squeezed lemon juice, 15ml orange juice, 15ml ginger syrup ad a good few ice cubes. Give it a really good shake then strain into a cocktail glass. The recipe suggests garnishing with coriander leaves, but I wasn’t so keen on that idea, so ignored it.

The citrus gives a sharp, refreshing taste while the ginger syrup adds sweetness and warmth. And it all goes perfectly with a good drop of gin.


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