Aldi Wine Club – Prosecco Superiore DOGC

Prosecco Superiore

Prosecco Superiore

I’m into the third and final month of Aldi Wine Club and February’s offerings are a prosecco and a muscadet. Our youngest, Asher, turned 1 this week and, after a lovely, but busy party with family and close friends, it seemed like a good idea to celebrate his first year with the prosecco superiore.

After two glasses, I asked Samana if she had any feedback on it and she offered a three word review. Each word followed by a five second silence:






So there we have it. It’s nice, sharp and appley. To be honest, apples didn’t come to mind for me. It’s definitely fruity, but I’d say maybe peaches or nectarines? It’s really smooth and creamy too. If I was going to be critical, I’d say I found it a little claggy after a couple of glasses, but that certainly wouldn’t stop me drinking it. At £7.49 for a bottle, I’d definitely buy it.





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